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The classic and the modern that come together and take shape, just 500 meters from the Sassi di Matera!

Welcome to Lusseri, where tradition blends with luxury and innovation.

If you are looking for a prestigious home to live in but you are a person who is not satisfied with the classic luxury villa, because you are looking for something unique and out of the ordinary, you are on the right page.

You are about to see something that has not yet been seen in the real estate sector, made in an EXCLUSIVE position that already makes it rich in history while being new ...

We have chosen as the basis of this ambitious project, one of the most magical and fascinating areas in the world where time seems to stand still: Matera, with its Sassi (Unesco heritage), its fascinating history, the rich and wonderful territory that surrounds and the fairytale frame that characterizes it.

It is no coincidence that we chose 2019, the year in which this wonder, Italian pride, was crowned the European capital of culture and which will become another indelible piece in the history of this wonderful city.

You are about to discover a new housing concept that, in addition to originality and elegance, embodies large spaces, privacy, relaxation, calm and tranquility.

All elements that are difficult to find at the same time in a single property but that we have put on the market today and you have the opportunity to make them. Normally these features are all available together in a specific property category:

The Casali, highly sought after solutions by anyone looking for a home in which to invest, in addition to comfort, guarantees exclusivity and also gives a certain "status

That's why, if that's what you really want, it's this type of property that you should focus on.

But it is also our duty to specify that, in addition to being difficult to find, these properties usually have a negative aspect:

As beautiful and fascinating as they are, the classic CASALIs for sale have objective and rather intrusive limits:
1. are often in poor condition
2. are far from urban centers
3. they are built with ancient materials
4. have huge costs

All this inevitably translates into:

 consumption and consequent high heating costs
 no urban services nearby
 continue traveling by car
 poor social life
 isolation and little security

Unless this is what you are looking for, they are all factors that should be evaluated very well BEFORE the purchase, as they therefore decisively influence the total investment and daily life. So much for classic CASALIs.

Now forget all this ...

Close your eyes and try to imagine that you can enjoy the same prestige, exclusivity and benefits of a noble CASALI, but amplified to the maximum power but above all in the absence of the problems listed above ...

Would you like it?



We wanted to create something unique and exclusive, which has not yet been seen in Italy and Europe, combining classicism with design and absolute modernity.

They are the first creations of this type and, given their complexity, we will probably never make them again.

With a Lusseri CASALI, you can savor the luxury of the ancient noble CASALIs of the past, which are intertwined with all the comforts and innovation of the most advanced technologies existing today in the green building market.

You will be part of a UNIQUE project of its kind ...

Six milestones of modern bio-architecture, created with a total focus on environmental protection and the health of those who live in them, designed to become a reference point in the world of zero-impact buildings.

SIX jewels that will give prestige and importance to those who own it, in the eyes of those who have not been lucky enough to have one.

Not only beautiful to look at, fantastic to live ...

Each is designed down to the smallest detail and built to immediately acquire a great intrinsic value, perceptible not only to the sight but also to the sensations it releases.

The orientation of each house was born following the guidelines of Feng-Shui, the ancient Taoist art according to which each cardinal point transmits specific energies which, by effectively exploiting the magnetic and energy fields, are able to stimulate the spirit and the mind .

Thanks to this, with the help of our architects and interior designers, you can better manage the spaces and furnishings, creating harmony and well-being both inside and outside the house in order to make it an even more special place to live and spend the weather.

Furthermore, to do justice to the importance they deserve, each individual CASALI has its own name. Names borrowed from the aristocracy and perfectly balanced between male and female, as a sign of good omen for the fertility and prosperity of the families who will live there.

We present them to you:

MARIANTONIETTA: è il casale esposto a Nord-Est, punto cardinale legato all’apprendimento e alla saggezza

MARGHERITA: is the CASALI facing east, a cardinal point linked to family solidity

VICTORY: it is the CASALI facing South-East, a cardinal point linked to economic and spiritual wealth

FILIPPO: is the CASALI exposed to the North-West, a cardinal point linked to relationships of friendship and sharing

FERDINANDO: it is the CASALI facing west, a cardinal point linked to play and ideas

GUGLIELMO: is the CASALI facing south-west, the cardinal point linked to social relations

Reserved for the most demanding people who want to stand out ...

With total respect for the environment and your health ...

The six houses reflect the typical architectural style of the CASALIs but, unlike these old houses, they are designed with the sole purpose of finding the right balance between well-being and health, both for those who will live in them and for the surrounding nature.

They are built following the guidelines of bioarchitecture and are officially cataloged as nZEB buildings, with energy consumption close to zero.

The materials are all natural, consequently they do not emit dust and harmful substances typical of the chemical products (such as mortars, paints and glues) used in conventional construction.

Construction technologies and the latest generation systems exploit solar energy and the surrounding environment, thus making the home completely self-sufficient in the production of energy, almost completely eliminating the consumption of gas and electricity.

Owning one means doing good for yourself and your family, but also actively contributing to the tough battle for the reduction of global pollution, which is one of the pillars on which Lusseri and Edil Pepe are founded.

The most profitable investment you can make ...

The luxury real estate market has always been an excellent channel for those who are looking for a way to capitalize their money over time or want to diversify their investment portfolio.

It is no secret that, even in times of real estate crisis, the high-end real estate segment has always been thriving and active, precisely because of the exclusivity it represents and the target audience.

This is why the Casali Lusseri, which are perfectly placed in the category of luxury properties in one of the most sought after and exclusive areas of Italy in recent years, also represent a good economic investment strategy.

The driving factor of today's real estate market is energy efficiency, as it guarantees significant savings on consumption and a longer life for the materials and innovative systems used, which are less subject to wear over time.

Already this alone would be enough to guarantee the validity of the economic investment in a Casale Lusseri but to all this, the value that they will acquire over time thanks to their uniqueness and particularity must be added. They are in fact the first CASALIs in the world, built in the 21st century and which fully respect the original construction style of the old CASALIs, with the aim of celebrating the ancient rustic houses of the Murgian landscape in its entirety, without neglecting the botanical aspect characteristic of Matera.

The vertical garden with which each CASALI is equipped, will recall the ancient vegetable gardens of the Sassi, in which healing and aromatic plants were grown. This will allow you to have a perfect microclimate around the building which, in addition to enhancing the Bucolic aspect of the house, will influence and promote energy savings.

Last factor - but not least - which makes them special and increases their value, the strategic position where they are located: 500 meters from the Sassi di Matera, where in addition to the characteristic charm of the area that makes it exclusive, there is also the convenience the proximity to the services of the city.

A Casale Lusseri is a house whose meaning goes far beyond simple domestic use. It is a new category of properties, born to increase in value and become more and more precious over time!


Lusseri is a construction company specializing in the construction of luxury CASALIs and aims to become the "signature" flagship in the construction of prestigious homes in Italy.

Designed and founded by Antonio Pepe, a great building innovator and former founder of Edil Pepe (a company specialized in the construction and sale of high-profile residential properties), which, with the help of the civil engineer Francesco Paolo Lamacchia, expert in Green economy and bio-architecture , recognized at national and European level, wanted to create a new concept of housing.

100% eco-sustainable houses, built using all the knowledge gained in the field in over 30 years of Antonio's activity, both in the construction and plant engineering fields, combining tradition and innovation, giving life to more unique than rare properties, with particular attention to ecological aspect, on which all the activities of its companies are based.

Lusseri homes strictly follow the construction process PEPE METHOD (construction protocol devised by Antonio Pepe) and refer well in advance to European regulations that provide for the obligation to create new buildings with almost zero environmental impact (nZEB) starting from 2021.

Lusseri homes strictly follow the construction process PEPE METHOD (construction protocol devised by Antonio Pepe)

and refer well in advance to European regulations that provide for the obligation to create

that provide for the obligation to create new buildings

with almost zero environmental

impact (nZEB)

starting from 2021.


The Casali Lusseri contain everything that makes a home of PREGIO:

 High architectural quality

 Location in a very exclusive area

 Proximity to services

 Refined design

 Low environmental impact

 Great social impact

 Tradition and innovation

 Few specimens

Such properties cannot be cheap and the estimated price is €2.000.000€ in Casale.

In this case there is a peculiarity:

Being for us a "bet" project, whose main purpose is not profit but that of setting an example and ensuring that the CASALIs are taken as a reference point in the future of real estate construction, the price of the FIRST CASALI has been set for 1.500.000€.

Then, by virtue of the fact that there are only SIX specimens, for each CASALI sold, the price of the next one will rise by € 200,000, up to the last one left, which will be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

We do it because it is a project in which we believe a lot and we have invested a lot. For this reason, while losing something, we want to encourage the purchase of these rare architectural pearls, by rewarding the fastest.

We have never seen this before, but Lusseri has a revolutionary DNA like its creator and in this case we want to stand out!

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